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Love it or Loathe it? Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos

Violent Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos (just like the ones we used to wear as children, but obviously not on our lips) are definitely a bold make-up statement. Generally, the product has provoked a ‘marmite reaction’ amongst my friends – let’s face it, only the more daring beauty junkies are going to be happy sporting these striking designs on non-fancy dress nights out. The tattoos come in a variety of different and daring designs. I love the glittery red and pink leopard print designs but at the same time, I loathe the tacky rainbow and fishnet prints.

Red Zebra Temporary Lip Tattoo

Selection of Violent Lip Temporary Tattoo Designs

It seems that temporary tattoo inspired make-up is currently having a mini beauty moment. Chanel started the trend with the release of their temporary tattoo collection in Spring 2010. Even Dior have jumped on the temporary tattoo bandwagon with their recently released Velvet Eyes Adhesive Eyeliner Patches (exclusively available at Selfridges).

The Verdict – There is no denying that the concept is fun and striking. However, I do think they should be strictly reserved for fancy dress purposes only… unless you are Lady Gaga/Kitty from X Factor.


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  2. Minxies Glamour

    Why not for night outs?

    If people are willing to be unique, different and want to start a new trend then they should.

    But then again, everyone is different and deserves their own opinion 🙂

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    Minxies Glamour

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    January 22, 2012 at 5:42 pm

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