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Helloooo Halloween. There is no better time of year to ogle at Stephen Webster’s Murder She Wrote 2011 Collection. And OMB! does his jewellery make me want to cry and wish I had the money to throw at it. (The Hangman ring above is priced at £2,800)

In case you didn’t know… Stephen Webster, Founder and Creative Director of Stephen Webster Ltd and now also Creative Director of the world’s oldest jewellery house Garrard, is one of the leading British jewellery designers. Webster has built a dedicated fan base and is a firm favourite with celebrities across the globe; from Madonna to Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss, Sir Elton John, Mickey Rourke and Kate Beckinsale to name but a few. Check out all of his work on – his Seven Deadly Sins collection is a work of art.

P.S. Money too tight to mention?

ASOS has an array of goulash offerings that’ll do just fine whilst we’re waiting to win that Lotto jackpot (any day now…) including this Claw pendant necklace for just £8.


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