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The melody still lingers. Jean-Paul Gaultier Couture Spring 2012, a tribute to Amy Winehouse

This spring, the infamous beehive walked the catwalk. The collection took inspiration from the late singer’s signature 50s style and included pencil skirts and corset dresses.

Why the new muse? “Amy Winehouse was a true style icon,” Gaultier told reporters backstage. “What she stands for above all, is uniqueness. Both in music and the way she dressed, she mixed a great many influences.”  Amy Winehouse has certainly left her mark, and only the future will tell how widespread and lasting her legacy is on the fashion world.


Fishtails and Feathers at the Golden Globes 2012

Well, we always knew Spring/Summer 2012 was going to be a fishy one! But in all seriousness, last night’s Golden Globes showcased two of the big trends for the coming season: Feathers and Mermaid Silhouettes.

Feathers were seen on the catwalk at Louis Vuitton, Jason Wu and Ralph Lauren. Will you be ruffling some feathers this season? Or is this trend a no-go outside of the red carpet?

Michael Kors / Gucci / Vera Wang

Nina Ricci / Roberto Cavalli / Monique Lhuillier

Louis Vuitton, Paris Fashion Week

Uh-oh… I smell something fishy. Versace makes a splash with new collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

Everyone seems to have been talking about Chanel’s aquatic wonderland set for the Paris show this year. But here at OHMYBLUE! we can’t help but notice that this theme has cropped up in more than one Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

So (with some trepidation) I ask the question: will we all be dressing like mermaids next summer?

Stella McCartney keeps the maritime theme workable.

Versace Ready-to-Wear…

Daryl Hannah? No no, it’s more Versace Ready-to-Wear SS12

Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear opted for the use of real cockle shells.

No doubt about it we shall be seeing these designs filtering down through to the high street next year. Add this to the latest phenomenon of every other girl dying her hair red or orange, and we may well see Disney’s Ariel brought to life en masse. Lovely. Personally, it will take some convincing before I am seen with large starfish and seahorses attached to or printed on my clothing.

Kanye takes on Paris Fashion Week. Yep, as in Kanye West. Whatever next, Katie Price releasing a magazine all about herself?? Oh wait…

‘Is there enough room at Paris Fashion Week for Kanye West’s ego?’ Good question, The Guardian. After all, this is the star that made Taylor Swift cry.

In all honesty though, Kanye’s foray into the fashion world isn’t all that bad. But (and this is a pretty big but) who the hell is going to wear his clothing? Firstly, this is a Spring/Summer collection that features fur and heavy duty fabrics. So unless you’re a rich Siberian you’re probably going to look elsewhere. Secondly, none of the designs are flattering. He even manages to make a supermodel look like she has short legs. Ohmyblue indeed.

I did however like the overall feel of the collection; straight up triple vodka on the rocks because I’m just f***ing cool like that. Well, what else would you expect from Mr Kanye West? Also, thumbs up to the embellishment on the jackets and nicely done accessories.