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“You are my favourite you” – Dallas Clayton

Happy poetry for children that resounds with adults, there is certainly something special about Dallas Clayton. A less controversial Banksy for the masses, Clayton’s mission seems to be to spread love, happiness and rainbow coloured messages around the world – go him! He writes books for children, casually hangs signs around metropolitan areas and has even left out  lottery tickets in super friendly envelopes.

Message for Dallas – we would LOVE to see these designs on clothing. Yes OMB!’s ed. Oksana will put her hands up and admit she’ll be the first to sport a t-shirt saying “you are my favourite you”.

Check out Mr. Clayton’s blog here.


Ho-ho/Ha ha – have a novelty Christmas

Waldo Pancake! Perfect for a few laughs/impulse buys post-mulled wine. Merry Christmas everyone xxx

It’s better to look good, than feel good.

This is clearly what the Victorians told themselves when they hit the beach fully clothed in 1895, the last time Britain experienced an indian summer as scorching as this year’s.

What a difference a century makes, eh? Well… almost. 902010’s Naomi Clark makes this priceless statement (‘It’s better to look good, than feel good’) in the latest series of the show (currently showing in the US). I’m sure Gok Wan is tossing and turning in his sleep/planning his latest show.