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Primark… is that you?! Spring/Summer 2012 collection

Primark is certainly giving other high street names a run for their money. The clothing giant now has a Spring/Summer collection to its name that the likes of Topshop would be proud of, but at only a fraction of the cost. OMB! predicts a recession winner…

The collection is due to hit stores this month!

Spotted blouse £10 / Yellow chinos £11 / Skinny belt £2 / Court shoes £10

Colour block shift dress £17

Limited Edition maxi dress £20 / Wedges £16

Dress £13

Orange Blazer £22

Dress £10

Dress £15 


Like short shorts? Like Bambi&Manson!

Bambi&Manson. A label run by a girlfriend and boyfriend pairing that between them have provided the world with some pretty darn cool shorts. Not heard of them? Oh, you will. The likes of Gabriella Ellis and Amy Childs are already fans, and the shorts also featured in January’s issue of Cosmo.

Prices range from £40 – £50, whilst custom designs (customised!!! eek) cost more. As Bambi&Manson would say… Shorts are for life, not just for summer.

Bugs Bunnies

Divine Leopard


Hey Stud 

I spy – Classic Trench Coat for £29.99

Spotted at H&M.

Ohmyblue! Blueberryade Kandee shoes – 30% off in the sugar rush sale

One word: fit.


Liquorice Petal

Blackberry Crush


Girl seeking… the perfect LBD for NYE? Don’t panic, we’re on it like a sonnet.

The party season is officially upon us, but are you ready to see in 2012 in style?!

 Free People, £56.14

Uh-oh… NYE.

Okay, don’t panic. So what if you completely forgot about New Years Eve, the party night of the year, because you were too busy freaking about your Christmas shopping? Really, you were just being selfless. Well, to reward your good natures OMB! have a trick up our sleeves.

Forget the Boxing day sales, in store or other wise (how annoying is it when you fill up your basket online, and by the time you get to the check out the items have already sold out?!!) try –

They have hand picked both designer and high street dresses for your shopping pleasure AND are currently offering a 15% discount on LBD Boutique products.

Quontum, £60. LBD Boutique – get 15% off!

We absolutely LOVE their Select Sale – if you’re looking for something extra special, take a look at this selection of designer dresses at HUGE discounts…

Phoebe Couture by Kay Unger, NOW £126 was £315!


Spotlight on Forever 21

Stylish, check. Affordable, check. Air conditioned store, check…

If you are yet to check out this latest import from America, then head to now. Don’t be scared off by some of the very polyester looking items, because wow is there a load of good among the… err, not so good.

Bonus points go to the Oxford St store for its spacious, air conditioned, and enjoyable (In London?! And non-designer? I know!) shopping experience.

Dress £22.75

Spotlight On Tom Ford Violet Blonde

WEEK 1: Tom Ford Violet Blonde

Sophisticated yet Sexy…Violet Blonde is everything a girl should look for in a fragrance.