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Oh My Blue…Denim Nails by Chanel.

Blue Hues – Les Jeans de Chanel Collection.

Blue Rebel, Coco Blue, and Blue Boy are yet another set of limited edition nail varnishes released by Chanel for the recent Vogue Fashion Night Out.  The inspiration behind these blue hues was denim (obviously) which has long been a wardrobe staple for pretty much everyone; these shades are set to become beauty gold dust and will join the ranks of other cult status Chanel nail colours (Jade, Khaki Vert, Nouvelle Vague et al).

Label whoredom gone mad? …£17.50 is an insane amount of money for what is essentially a basic blue nail varnish.  But then, it is Chanel. Personally, I think Chanel could bottle the vilest colour and it would fly off the shelves. Oh wait… they did! Khaki Brun.

Uh-oh… I smell something fishy. Versace makes a splash with new collection for Spring/Summer 2012.

Everyone seems to have been talking about Chanel’s aquatic wonderland set for the Paris show this year. But here at OHMYBLUE! we can’t help but notice that this theme has cropped up in more than one Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

So (with some trepidation) I ask the question: will we all be dressing like mermaids next summer?

Stella McCartney keeps the maritime theme workable.

Versace Ready-to-Wear…

Daryl Hannah? No no, it’s more Versace Ready-to-Wear SS12

Alexander McQueen Ready-to-Wear opted for the use of real cockle shells.

No doubt about it we shall be seeing these designs filtering down through to the high street next year. Add this to the latest phenomenon of every other girl dying her hair red or orange, and we may well see Disney’s Ariel brought to life en masse. Lovely. Personally, it will take some convincing before I am seen with large starfish and seahorses attached to or printed on my clothing.