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OMB! Special – Vintage 101 by Guest Blogger Molli Edwards

Our New Guest Blogger – Molli Edwards

OMB! is extremely excited to introduce our very first guest blogger – Molli Edwards. Molli is a savvy shopper who effortlessly blends vintage finds with high street fashions to create her own unique yet chic style.  However, not all of us are blessed with this ability to work vintage so Molli has written a ‘How to Guide’ to inspire vintage virgins to flock to their nearest Oxfam.

As the great philosopher, Dolly Parton once said ‘it is amazing how much it costs to look this cheap’ but in the world of the charity shop and vintage store, the opposite holds true. If you know where to look and what to look for, any wardrobe can be given a new lease of life by an item that has seen many more before yours. Trawling the shelves of your average vintage emporium or charity shop however differs greatly from browsing the high street, so here is a ‘how to guide’ for finding yourself some pre-loved bargains.

First things first, it is a good idea to have a mental picture of the kind of item that you are looking before you embark upon your second-hand scavenging. Don’t get me wrong, it can be great fun to wander round with no clue what you are looking for, but you are far more likely to be successful if you have a goal in mind. Whether it be the hunt for a roughed-up leather jacket or a new dress to wear out on the town, know what you want before you start looking. Having said this, it is equally important to keep an open mind. If you see a skirt in a fabric that you adore but at a length that you just don’t think you can pull off, don’t dismiss the item immediately. Consider how much effort it would really take to turn it into the perfect piece. If it will only take a couple of snips and stitches and it costs a mere few pennies, then why not put the effort in?

Molli’s Vintage Wedding Outfit

Talking of effort, charity and vintage shopping takes a lot of it. Unlike high street or designer stores, items are not organised according to style, and sometimes not even divided into item type. You have to hunt and forage like there is no tomorrow if you want to find a gem. When you do find this gem though, don’t think the journey is over! With second hand clothing, whether it be from a charity shop or a vintage store, it is important to check the quality and the price. You may find, especially in the vintage shops, that an item in relatively poor condition may be being sold for quite a hefty sum and it is in cases like this that you need to be careful. More often than not however, the opposite will hold true and you will find unique items at incredibly affordable prices, particularly in the knitwear and accessories departments. If there is one thing that second hand shops do well I tell you, it is knitwear!

Rocking a Vintage Jumper and  Sheepskin Jacket

Finally, enjoy it! Shopping for ‘old’ clothing can be great fun and a good trip will invariably provide you with some hideous shirt to laugh at while you root around for diamonds in the scruff


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